Omg! Man Cuts Girl’s Throat in Broad Daylight for Refusing to Marry Him (Photo)

A heartless man has brutally cut the throat of a girl he was infatuated over after he proposed marriage to her and she refused.

M Mahesh allegedly murdered the girl for refusing to marry him
A heartless man has brutally cut a girl’s throat for refusing to marry him after many months of stalking her.
According to IndiaTimes, M Mahesh, a first year college student murdered 18 year-old Sandhya in broad daylight after she rejected his marriage proposal. Mahesh reportedly had stalked her for months, and made his proposal on a Saturday afternoon on a busy Adilabad district street, India.
Local authorities said he was pressurizing his neighbour Sandhya to marry him, despite repeated rejections. Days after Saroja, Sandhya’s mother arranged her daughter’s marriage to another man, Mahesh scared him away.
Saroja complained to the police, who summoned Mahesh and threatened him against this act.
Mahesh became vengeful, and attacked Sandhya, slitting her throat in public. “Before they could stop him, he ran away. Sandhya died on the spot,” Bhainsa deputy superintendent of police Ande Ramulu told the Hindustan Times.

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