Omg! 22-year-old Girl Shock Many by Falling in Love with 60-year-old Man (Photo)

A very young girl has done the unthinkable by falling head over heels in love with a 60 year-old man and has said he is the love of her life.

Skhumbuzo Zuma and Mohlapi Monyane 
A 22-year-old girl from South Africa has left many people baffled after she fell in love with a 60-year-old man. The woman identified as Mohlapi Monyane was just 22 when she met the father of her two children, but he was already 60.
According to the report by DailySun, the two are still deeply in love after five years of being together. The girl is now very proud of him.
Mohlapi who is now 27 said when she started dating Skhumbuzo Zuma now 65 everyone in her neighbourhood urged her to leave him and look for a younger man.
Now after five years, Mohlapi wants people to stop talking and gossiping about them as they have found love. She wants people to accept what has happened and leave them alone in peace.
“When he first approached me I didn’t hesitate. I loved him too and soon I moved into his flat in Berea, where he works as a security guard,” she said.
Mohlapi said she loved her madala because she had seen many young girls crying over cheating partners.
“He looks after me and doesn’t cheat. I get anything I want from him. He satisfies me in bed and I’m happy with him,” she said.
She said although her man might look old, he’s a machine in bed.
“He’s all I want,” Mohlapi said.
Madala Skhumbuzo said Mohlapi was his queen.
“I love her and I don’t want to lose her to some young people who drive big cars,” he said.
Skhumbuzo said in the five years he had been with Mohlapi, he had not once been disappointed in her.
“She’s with me when I need her and she doesn’t party like other young women.
“She stays home and we enjoy our life together,” he said.
Neighbour Felix Ntungwa (36) said he had seen the couple glowing from love.
“People used to tease Mohlapi, but they have been proven wrong as she is still with her man,” said Felix.

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