Niger Delta Militants Reject Initial Dialogue Team…Read Their New Interesting Demand

Niger Delta militants have disregard the dialogue squad assembled by MEND and has given the President another grace of three weeks to tighten up loose ends.

Militants in the Niger Delta, weekend, rejected the grandstanding of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, as their chief negotiator and selection of a group of persons, dubbed Aaron Team 2, by the group to dialogue on their behalf with the Federal Government.
A militant group, Ultimate Warriors, which conveyed the stand of other militant groups in an exclusive electronic mail to Vanguard also gave President Muhammadu Buhari three weeks to name a high-powered government Dialogue Team, comprising members of the international community with an unambiguous mandate to parley with militants and other stakeholders to stop pipeline bombings.
The Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders, NDRC, also insisted that MEND was neither in the position to speak for Niger Deltans nor impose a negotiation team on the people because the group has taken sides with the Nigerian government against the Niger Delta.
This came as the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, the leading militant group in the region, alleged that government security agencies were collaborating with some saboteurs and members of the defunct MEND to bomb oil pipelines, and thereafter, they apprehend innocent persons to impress their Commander-in-Chief and sabotage the genuine struggle.
In addition, the Ijaw People Development Initiative said President Muhammadu Buhari was nonchalantly surrendering the sovereignty of the country to multinational oil companies by affirming that they were dialoguing with militants on how to end the Niger Delta crisis.

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