My Boyfriend’s Dad Attempted to Kiss Me after Touching My Bum – Lady Opens Up

A lady whose lover’s father is currently making passes at her has written to an online relationship adviser on the way out of the web.

Bunmi of Vanguard was sent this relationship puzzle to solve by a reader named Uju who is currently running out of ideas. Read her letter below:
Dear Bunmi,
I know I get on well with my boyfriend’s family. We’ve been an item for a few years now, but at a recent party, his dad tried to kiss me after giving me a playful smack on the bum. We’d all had too much to drink but I told my boyfriend about it right away. In the morning, I didn’t make an issue of it as it looked as if both father and son had forgotten an about the incident.

Thinking it was a one-off, I put it all behind me but sometime later, he made another pass at me. This time, we were both sober and I was indignant.

He apologized and promised it would never happen again. I was stunned by his behaviour to say the least. I know I should have mentioned it to my boyfriend but I was too shocked to think straight. How should I handle this?

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