Most Shocking! Residents Pay to Watch Youths Have S*x With Animals

A shocking discovery has been made in which children as young as 8-years are being forced to have s*x with animals for money.

According to a new report by Standard, residents of Mtwapa Mombasa in Kenya pay to watch young girls and boys engage in sexual acts with animals.
The young boys and girls are recruited for that shameful act and this happens because poverty is on the rise and people have to make a living using every means possible.
The report states further that one person said that the boys and girls are usually high on drugs before performing the sexual acts.
After getting high, they are given a maximum of 20 minutes to have s*x with the animals and the payment is usually very little. The worst part is that the youths involved are between 8 to 17 years-old.
According to the report, those running the business usually use dogs for the business. These boys and girls who should be in school to build their future waste their time and life having s*x with animals just for money.
The report further states that the act is still ongoing in the Mtwapa Mombasa area of Kenya and the government is doing nothing about it.

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