Cat fighting

Madness: See Women Compete by Fighting Half-n*ked for N120,000 a Night (Photos)

In this weird news, a couple of women have been exposed for dressing half-n*ked to fight for money.

Women in a catfight for money while scantily dressed
A new crazy fighting game in which women fight each other half-n*ked to win N120,000 has left many in shock.
The Sun reports that female “catfighters” in Northern Ireland can earn up to £150 (N60,000) in return for donning their finest lingerie and taking on a fellow fighter – and nothing is off limits.
Scantily-clad competitors pull each other’s hair, slap their opponents with full force, and pin them to the ground in the ferocious match-ups, with men willing to fork out to watch the bikini brawlers in action.
Victorious fighters can earn as much as £300 for a win, as they slap and scratch their opponents at secret locations around the country.
Organisers deny that viewers get a sexual kick from the catfights, although dozens of shots posted on social media depict combatants in their underwear, with fighters sometimes tearing the clothes from their opponents’ backs.
And the pre-arranged bouts, which feature fights between close friends as well as complete strangers, are often filmed and then uploaded to fighting websites or sold on DVDs for as much as £11.
It is now a trending sports which poses great worry to many.

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