Help! My Wife is Cheating With Our Daughter’s Boyfriend…Should I Tell My Daughter?

A man is suspicious that his wife is having an affair with their daughter’s boyfriend but doesn’t know how to handle it.

Do I tell my daughter that I am certain her partner is having an affair with my wife – her mum?
I have had my suspicions for some time. My wife clicked with him from the first time they met at our house, saying he was a real catch.
Our daughter is 26, he is 36.
My wife tells me she was working late but I have seen her car parked in their drive. She is online for hours chatting to him but she flicks the phone off if I go near.
Once, she did not shut it down properly and she was calling him “lover” and “babe”. They were arranging to meet in his lunch break.
My brother even mentioned he’d seen them having a drink one evening. We are 46. I love her as much as when we first met.
Maybe if our daughter knew about this fling it would put an end to it.

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