Heartbreaking! Nigerian Man Reportedly Stoned to Death in Togo (Disturbing Photos)

Disturbing reports reaching us from Togo reveal a Nigerian man has been gruesomely murdered by Togolese people for impregnating a citizen of the country.

Otto and the Togolese lady
A Nigerian man popularly known as Otto was on the 1st of July stoned to death in Togo, allegedly for putting a lady from the country in the family way.
Otto who lived in Dakar, Senegal before relocating to Togo allegedly got his Togolese girlfriend pregnant, before an ensuing misunderstanding which was unclear as at the time of filing this report.
His girlfriend who apparently couldn’t control her temper reportedly mobilized her brothers who descended on Otto, stripped him unclad and stoned him to death in the heat of the crisis.
A friend of the late Otto who broke the gory news on social media has this to say;

“My Friend Otto was in my house a day before yesterday. We stay together, eat and discuss matters on how to move ahead with life just as progressive friends.

On the 30th of June, 2016, he passed the night at my place and woke up to say good bye as he was leaving till the next day. At 11 a.m, when he was yet to return, I called his phone number but it was picked by operatives of the Togolese police force.

I rushed to their security post to find out what happened. On getting there, I was shown a photo of my dear friend lying down lifeless. I made inquiries about what happened and I was given a narrative of how the odd event played out.

Just that he had a little misunderstanding with his pregnant girlfriend and she planned and gathered all their Togolese brothers to condemn him to death. I heard he was accused of stealing.

I am currently living in fear and grief of the evil that befell my best friend.”
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