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Flood: See What a Heavy Rainfall Did to Adamawa State this Morning (Photo)

Adamawa State has joined the list of states(Lagos and Edo) terribly affected by flood as a result of heavy rainfall.

Massive flood at Shagari, Yola Town in Adamawa state
Resident of Shagari, Yola Town in Adamawa state were thrown into confusion following an early morning downpour that flooded some houses in the environ.
Lagos, Edo and Adamawa states have been severely affected by the constant rainfall associated with the month on June and July due to poor drainage systems.
A concerned resident said this on social media:

“Adamawa is actually on fire as I am actually very sad this morning. Water has entered my room thereby messing up my clothes and damaging my computer. My neighbour’s house also collapsed due to the heavy rain and lack of drainage facilties”

“So what do you think will happen when Laddo dam of Cameroon is opened?”

“What is the essence of government in the state?” he lamented.

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