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Chai! Former First Lady Threatens to Kill Her Husband if He Ever Cheats on Her

A former president’s wife has threatened to do unbelievable things to her husband if she ever catches him cheating on her.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni
Carla Bruni is the wife of former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.
The woman has said she would “slit Nicolas Sarkozy’s throat and cut his ears” if the former French president ever cheated on her.
According to The UK Sun, the 48-year-old French-Italian was asked how she would react if her 61-year-old husband was unfaithful in an interview for Elle France.
Bruni, who married Sarkozy in 2008, just months after he had split from second wife Cecilia, said cheating on your partner was “dangerous” and sent couples on “a road to break up”.
“I could do extreme gestures, like cut his throat or his ears when he’s asleep for example.

“I think you should avoid to cheat if you can, it’s too dangerous. It’s a road to break up,” the model and singer told journalist Olivia Lamberterie.
She added: “Also, fidelity, this is a sine qua non (essential) condition for a wedding, I guess.

“Why cheat and lie whereas you have the possibility to choose your life, get married or not, have kids or not.”
Sarkozy and Bruni met in November 2007 at a dinner party – just after he was elected – and have been married for eight years.
Despite losing the 2012 presidential election to his Socialist rival Francois Hollande, Sarkozy believes he can be re-elected in 2017.
He is desperately trying to appeal to Catholic and other socially conservative voters who believe that the traditional family unit is the key to a successful society.

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