What! Born Again Rapper, Lynxxx Caught on Camera Smoking Shisha (Photo)

Nigerian rapper, Lynxxx, whose confession of a new found faith has caused quite some stir on social media recently, has been spotted smoking.

Lynxx was caught on camera smoking Shisha at Sao Cafe on Wednesday June 22, 2016.
It will be recalled that all year long, the Nigerian rapper has been sharing inspirational and motivational messages on social media and declaring a new found faith.
He even released a track on May 27, 2016, a new single titled ‘Serve You’.
With the new song, he officially announced his faith and new found love for God and embraced the title of a ‘Gospel rapper’.
But some Nigerians are questioning the credibility of the rapper’s new faith confession after he was spotted smoking shisha.
Below is the photo:
Many believe that anyone with a born-again heart shoud not be found anywhere near cigarettes or any thing close to it.

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