Unbelievable! How 16-year-old Girl Single-handedly Exposed and Fought 4 Evil Witches in Her Village (Photo)


A teenage girl has fought a spiritual and physical battle in which she successfully exposed 4 witches in her village.

The 16-year-old girl who fought and exposed 4 witches
A 16-year-old Goromonzi girl has left people in surprise after she allegedly fought and exposed 4 witches forcing them to a cemetery accusing them of witchcraft.
It was gathered that the girl went into a trance and forcefully led Daison Njuma and his wife Tracy Mainoti, along with Newten Nyamunda and his wife Gladys Ben to a cemetery and ordered them to open the graves like what she alleges they do when practicing witchcraft.
H-Metro reports that, the case was heard by headman Rodious Kufandada Musonza on Sunday after the girl’s father accused the four of intending to kill her.
After hearing the case, headman Musonza ordered the quartet to a traditional healer who then confirmed that indeed they were all witches who were after the girl’s life.
He told the court that he was afraid that his daughter might end up dead as the threat to her life was imminent.
“I am afraid that I might lose my daughter because when everything happened it was just scary.

“She was possessed by a spirit that spoke and said Daison, Tracy, Newten and Gladys were witches who wanted to kill her. Aiti vanhu ava vanova tezvara naambuya vangu nehama dzavo mbiri idzi varoyi vaida kumudya.
“When she was possessed, she assaulted all of them as she was too powerful to be stopped.

“The traditional healer confirmed that these four were indeed witches after she made them confess to their acts.

“I just want a way forward because I cannot continue to live in fear.

“My child is still young and it will be painful to lose her at this age just because of people who find pleasure in eating human meat,” he said.
The girl said she had no idea what she does when she is possessed.
“My step mother and her family members now hate me because I said their relatives are witches. I am young and I have nothing against anyone. I am just used by the spirit but now they are accusing me of making things up,” she said before the court.
However, the four involved in the witchcraft have blatantly denied the allegations arguing that they wanted to consult a different traditional healer as they were not satisfied with the outcome they got from the one they consulted.
Daison who was the mouth piece of the quartet said: “We want a traditional healer who is not from this area so that the truth will come out,” he said.
Headman Musonza made efforts to phone a traditional healer in Harare, Zimbabwe who responded saying she was willing to help them, they were asked to return to court on July 24 after they consult that traditional healer.
However, the four proved that they were not satisfied with the ruling given by headman Musonza and attacked the father and spirit medium daughter at the court.
The fracas was stopped by the headman’s security officers who were present. Headman Musonza said he felt belittled and disrespected by their acts and banished them from his village.
“On July 24 all of you and your families will leave this village and go back to wherever you came from. I cannot tolerate such disrespect from you. I gave a ruling and you showed that being here does not mean anything to you.

“You will definitely leave my village. When you come back to court with the results from the traditional healer you will consult in Harare you will pack and go!” he shouted.
“I do not tolerate insubordination from my people. It is just intolerable. You cannot come to my village and do your dirty works and expect me to keep silent. You will definitely go back to where you came from,” he said.
Some of the villagers who were present were relieved that the four had been ousted.

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