Social Media Marketing 3 ways Snapchat can improve your business


Snapchat like other social media platforms allows you to develop more entertaining and informative content that can get your audience talking.

As a business owner, this video messaging app presents an opportunity to advertise your products and services to target customers. Snapchat can help push your business or brand the same way Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms can.

Three benefits Snapchat poses to your business are:

1. You get to give your audience live access

Giving your business or brand that human feel should be important to you, this is where Snapchat plays a huge role. The app helps you engage with your target audience like never before on one platform.

Live press conferences, product launches and giveaways can be shared and used to generate excitement from both potential and current customers.

The Durant announcement on Snapchat play The Durant announcement on Snapchat


A great example of this was when Kevin Durant was announced as NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2014 on Snapchat. Followers were then encouraged to watch the live broadcast on TV.

2. You get to give your audience behind-the-scenes access

Activities such as previews and behind-the-scenes no have a whole new meaning thanks to Snapchat.

Never-before-seen activities of your brand or business can now be broadcasted to your target audience.

  play (WSGN)

Popular fashion brand Michael Kors used Snapchat in 2015 to gain access to a wider audience while showing them a preview of their collections before they hit the stores.

3. Offers, contests and giveaways can be made

Everyone loves freebies and Snapchat gives you one of the most creative ways to carry out giveaways.

As a business owner or brand, the short video messaging app allows your target audience to share their ‘snaps’ with you in imaginative ways.

Snapchat  Snapchat

(The Verge)

This in turn will allow you showcase your brand personality and capture user generated content thereby building a following of loyal customers.

At RDM we take into consideration your industry, product and audience to give strategic advice on how best to promote your brand.

You can reach out to us for more enquiries on how to use Snapchat platform to promote your brand.

Written by Tolani Olusola.
This is a feature by RDM.

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