Photos.Turtle boy finally got rid of his “shell”

One boy in a small Colombian town attracted attention of the whole community. Some folks even though he was cursed or had a direct connection with the dark powers! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter turtle boy shell Didier Montalvo developed a rare medical condition called Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. People in his settlement just called him a “Turtle boy”.
turtle boy
He had a huge tumor grown on his back and indeed it much resembled the turtle shell by its shape. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter turtle boy His mother Luz said: “He felt very bad before the surgery, it impeded him from doing a lot of the activities he enjoyed doing. When he heard people calling him “Turtle boy” he felt very sad and he would ask “Why do I have this?”
turtle boy shell
It was a very difficult question to answer.” Share on Facebook Share on Twitter turtle boy mom Luckily, the tumor was removable. The family saved money for an expensive operation. Finally the boy was taken to UK, where he met other kids with such a condition. He had to undergo several operations, but the results are amazing! Here is what his doctor Mr. Bulstrode said: “One of the main focuses for us was to try and get Didier to feel like he could reintegrate with society.” Share on Facebook Share on Twitter turtle boy cured Presently the “turtle boy” no longer deserves the name. His heavy “shell” which weighted about 20 percent of his body mass was successfully removed. The boy can have a normal life now!
turtle boy mom
turtle boy cured

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