Omg! Girl Agrees to Abandon Boyfriend to Follow Man to His Private Jet, But What Happened Next Turns Out Shocking (Photos+Video)

A man has left a girl totally mortified after convincing her to abandon her boyfriend and follow him to his private jet and she agreed, even lying in the process.

Coby Persin with the girl
This is what happens if you can do anything for money! A YouTube prankster tricked a woman into following him onto his private jet and lying to her boyfriend before kicking her out before take-off and branding her a ‘jet digger’.
According to Dailymail, Coby Persin, from New York City, approached the woman at a train station but she seemed disinterested – telling him she had a boyfriend. But as they parted ways, her tone changed when he mentioned his private jet and she agreed to join him and two strangers in a car to the airport to fly to Miami.
A video of the stunt, ‘Private Jet Gold Digger Prank! (EXPOSED)’, shows how once they were on the plane, the woman, named only as Lauren, called her boyfriend to cancel their plans, pretending she was sick. But before the plane took off, Coby told her to take a photo of him from outside before stranding her on the tarmac.
The footage, watched more than 185,000 times, shows Coby, who has staged dozens of video pranks, approaching Lauren at the station. Some have blasted the prankster for making fun of the girl and humiliating her.
Watch below:

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