Omg! DSS Discovers ISIS Cells in Kano, Makes New Arrests


The Department of Security Service has made a shocking discovery of Islamic State cells in the city of Kano.

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The DSS has busted ISIS training Cells in Kano and arrested five persons on their way to Libya and other African States.
According to Vanguard, the State Director of DSS, Abdullahi Bello Chiranchi, said that the arrest was a significant break through at frustrating move by terrorist blocking from making Kano an ISIS training ground.
Chiranci revealed that those arrested were indigenes of Kogi State moving to Libya, Morocco and other places that might have traces of ISIS fighters.
Though DSS failed to offer details of those suspected ISIS on transit to Libya but however insisted that their arrest is a significant one.
Similarly, Mr. Chiranci paraded gangs of international rustlers, armed robbers, kidnappers and car Snatchers

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