Omg! 20 BRT Buses Damaged After BRT Bus Crushes Hawker to Death at Maryland (Graphic Photos)

About 20 BRT buses have been vandalized by suspected touts after a street hawker was crushed to death by one of the buses at Maryland area of Lagos.

Body of the street hawker crushed to death at Maryland, Lagos
Angry protesters went on rampage destroying about 20 BRT buses around Ikorodu road in Maryland, Lagos, on Wednesday, June 29. The attack followed the the crushing to death of a street hawker by a BRT bus driver along the road.
According to a report by The Independent, officials of the Kick Against Indiscipline, (KAI), on operation clean-up Lagos streets of hawkers arrived Ikorodu road early and began to chase away hawkers who were selling their wares along the road.
One of the male hawkers ran into the BRT lane, near Idioroko bus-stop, Maryland, Lagos, in an attempt to escape from the wrath of the KAI official when he was crushed to death by an on-coming BRT bus.
This angered people who witnessed the scene as suspected area boys and touts used the opportunity to vandalize blue BRT busses plying the Ikorodu road, even as some BRT buses from various parts of Lagos had to disappear from the streets.
According to a resident of Palmgrove, several people have been critically injured following the protest, which caught the police unaware.
The police are now trying to calm the situation.

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