Oh No! Wife Catches Randy Lawyer Having S*x With Colleague After Installing Hidden Camera In His Office

An unfaithful husband has been caught red-handed having s*x with a colleague in the office after a hidden camera was installed in his office.

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A randy married lawyer has been caught on camera having s*x with his female colleague at work.
According to Courier Mail, the man was caught after the wife secretly installed cameras inside the man’s Brisbane law firm. The man has now become sort of caricature as news of the romp was widely circulated in the city’s legal circles.
According to reports, the pair may not face consequences any more serious than embarrassment. ‘[The man] would be in more trouble with his wife than anybody else,’ The Workplace Employment Lawyers principal Patricia Ryan told Daily Mail Australia.
Ms Ryan said the amorous couple may not be fired from their jobs unless there were breaches of the contractual terms of their employments. She said the consequences depended on whether or not the sexual relations were consensual and what workplace policies were in place about personal relationships.
Ms Ryan said it also depended if the s*x took place during working hours or outside of hours.
‘If it was 10.30 in the morning, it’s not appropriate workplace behaviour,’ she said.
Ms Ryan also said there might be a breach of privacy as the couple did not consent to being filmed and any footage where there were no signs warning employees they were being filmed cannot be used in court as evidence.

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