Oh No! See What Happened to this Beauty Queen After She Was Caught Having S*x on Live TV (Photos)

A beauty queen who was caught on camera having s*x on television is being made to pay for the act which has been considered very unruly.

Zara Holland, the reigning Miss Great Britain, has been has been stripped of the 2015/2016 title by the pageant organizers after she had s*x on ITV’s reality program ‘Love Island’.
The pageant bosses who were very furious, removed the crown from the 20-year-old Zara Holland after she was caught on camera having s*x with a male contestant, Alex Bowen less than 24 hours after arriving on the dating show.
The pageant organizers say they didn’t take the decision lightly.
Zara pictured having s*x with Bowen
An official statement on the Pageant’s website read thus:
“The feedback we have received from pageant insiders and members of the general public is such that we cannot promote Zara as a positive role model moving forward. We wholly understand that everyone makes mistakes, but Zara, as an ambassador for Miss Great Britain, simply did not uphold the responsibility expected of the title.”
However, Zara regretted her actions confessing on the show last night:
She said: “You know when you’re in the moment and it just happens. That’s really not like me at all. Why couldn’t we have just gone to sleep?”
As it is now, Zara won’t take part in the Miss World competition in Malaysia in December as Miss Great Britain runner-up Deone Robertson will now represent the country.

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