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Woman Faints on Live TV While Her Breasts Were Being Examined by Doctors (Video)

A model who was having her breasts examined live on television, gave her examiners a scare after she passed out right there.

The woman, a topless model fainted while performing a segment about breast cancer live on TV.
A video has shown the moment the model passed out and nearly came crashing through a screen, as a TV doctor spoke about cancer.
Worried presenters helped her to cover up and took her to a dressing room after she lost her balance.
But she was left red faced after her breasts were exposed to the camera.
Eugenio Roman, a mastologist at a leading private hospital in Chile, was telling a viewer her health worries were not breast cancer when the unnamed model fell forwards.
She was led away with a hospital-style blue gown on as a presenter told viewers: “There’s a lot of light and it’s hot. She must have got tired.”
The incident was shown on the Chilean version of This Morning, called ‘Buenos Dias A Todos’ – ‘Good Morning Everyone’ in English.
It happened just before 10am local time today.
A spokesman for the station said the model had suffered a “dizzy spell” but was now okay.
Watch the video below:

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