What a Shame! Germany Gets Set to Teach Nigerians Cleanliness…See Interesting Details

Nigerians who are incorrigibly not able to keep their environment clean are, to their shame, about to get lectured by Germany.

To the eternal shame of some Nigerians who continued to be indifferent to their dirty environment, Germany is now proposing to teach them how to keep a clean environment.
According to PM News, the German Consul-General in Lagos, Mr Ingo Herbert, who made this known on Tuesday expressed his government’s readiness to include the importance of keeping a clean environment in its cultural exchange with Nigeria.
Herbert said it was imperative for Nigerians to begin to imbibe the culture of keeping their neighbourhoods clean at all times.
The Consul-General said that there was an ongoing cooperation between Nigerian and German film producers, to use films in sensitising Nigerians on the need for them to be environment-friendly.
“The German Foreign Ministry has come up with an initiative known as ‘Africa’, which is specially dedicated to promoting cultural exchanges between Germans and African countries, including Nigeria. 
“We strongly believe that cultural exchanges would help us to understand each other better, as well as contributing to the development of others.
“Our new plan of cultural exchange with Nigeria, is to begin to use films to tell Nigerians of the importance of keeping their environment clean.
”Nigerians need to desist, for instance, from dumping garbage into the creeks, drains along the roadsides, streets and other unauthorised places,’’ he said.
Herbert said with such films, which would be translated in different languages, Nigerians would be exposed to human activities that pose dangers to the oceans, water and human life.
He expressed optimism that through such films, more Nigerians would change their attitude and imbibe good sanitary conditions, especially now
that the effects of climate change was being felt globally.
The envoy said that a German private environmental development company, GREEN ME, was recently opened in Lagos to sensitise Nigerian film producers on their roles in promoting a sustainable environment.
He said that the organisation was visiting Nigeria and other African countries with its ‘’GREEN ME Global Festival for Sustainability’’ on ocean, life and water conservation awareness.

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