Viewers in Shock as Reality TV Contestant Begs Man to Lick Her Breast While People Watched (Photos)

Viewers of a reality television show have been left in shock after a contestant pulled up her top to show her breasts before inviting a fellow contestant to feast on it.

Viewers were shocked to witness the act
Viewers of a reality television were given the shock of their lives as a reality television contestant begged a fellow contestant to lick her breasts.
According to Dailystar, the incident happened in front of 12 other contestants – plus the host – of reality show, Couples.
The drama began when 24-year-old model and pop singer Maca Diskrecia suddenly pulled up her top to reveal she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Holding her breasts with her hands she pointed them at fellow contestant Nikola Puanovic and laughed as he lunged forward to lick them.
At the time there were 15 people sitting around the table – 14 contestants and the show’s host, Bojana Ristivojevic.
But the show’s other participants also saw the incident as it was screened on giant TV screens placed around the villa where Couples is filmed.
Now, the incident has soared Maca’s celebrity status. She has been known for her controversy since appearing in another Serbian reality TV show last year.
Her real name is Senada Nurkic but she adopted Maca Diskrecia – which means “P***y Discretion” – as a performing name.
Maca, from the city of Tuzla in northeast Bosnia and Herzegovina, got her nickname when the host of the earlier show asked if she had ever been cited in divorce proceedings.
She replied: “No need for that! Discretion is guaranteed with me!”
Maca later capitalised on her growing notoriety by releasing a pop single, Discrete, which she promoted with a provocative video.

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