This Simple Mobile Phone Trick Reveals If a Woman Has Had a Breast Implant or Not (Photos+Video)

A new revelation has shown exactly how to decipher if a woman has had a boob job or not in a very simple manner.

Wichooda Cheychom has revealed how to spot if a woman’s had a boob job
Wichooda Cheychom, a model has revealed how to spot whether or not a woman has had a boob job – with a simple mobile phone trick that’s made her an internet sensation.
Wichooda, from Thailand’s Lopburi Province, shared the bizarre trick in a video posted online, which has rapidly gone viral.
Until now, you might have thought the secret to detecting surgically-enhanced breasts was in the subtleties of their shape or size. But, according to Wichooda’s video, you’d have been wrong.
Apparently, all you need is a dark room and a couple of mobile phones.
Model Wichooda uses her own surgically enhanced boobs in her demonstration
You’ll also need to be on good, if not intimate, terms with the woman because this method involves getting up very close and personal.
In the clip, Wichooda switches off the lights and turns on two mobile phones’ torches, which she presses against the sides of her own enhanced boobs.
Slowly, her breasts appear to light up.
Wichooda’s ‘fake’ breasts glow in the dark
The model says the phenomenon is the result of her silicone implants absorbing the light produced by the phones and glowing in the dark.
She writes alongside the video: “Sometimes I’m scared of my own boobs.”
The footage has been viewed more than five million times in a week.
Watch the video below:

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