Teen Boy Cuts off His Own Nipples and Belly Button…You Won’t Believe What He Did With Them (Photos)

A young boy cut off his own nipples and then went ahead to shock people by doing the most unbelievable thing with them.

18-year-old Karim Boumjimar, a London-based, Moroccan-Spanish artist has gotten rid of his nipples, and had them made into earrings and is now looking to sell them online.
He is also looking to expand his human parts business. The young boy has also removed his belly button and is planningto have it made into a necklace.
He shared several topless selfies which all show he has no nipples and belly button and claimed to hide the scars with foundation.
The nipples are to be sold as earrings for around £100 (about N26,000), although the artist hopes to get more for them in order to make back the money which he paid for surgery.

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