Shocking! You Won’t Believe What a School Teacher Was Caught Telling Little Children to Do in Class (Video)

A school teacher has been caught in class telling little kids to do a rather cruel and weird thing to another classmate.

This is the shocking moment nursery children ganged up on their smallest classmate, pushing and hitting him after their teacher allegedly told them to ‘beat up this child’.
The footage was captured on classroom CCTV at the nursery in Istanbul, Turkey.
The children all grouped around one little boy who seemed distressed and anxious before they started poking and prodding him.
The teacher appears to have merely observed without making any attempt to stop them, and even walked away from the brawl to open a window.
The little boy then tried to escape his attackers by moving across the classroom but, surrounded, he fell to the floor.
He got up and tried to run away before another teacher stepped in and spoke to him and the group while kneeling down to be face-to-face with the children.
Watch the video below:

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