Shocking! Woman Caught on CCTV Urinating in a Lift as Another Man Holds Her Bag and Looks On (Video)

A woman who was making her way up a lift with another man has been caught urinating right there without hesitation.

The woman who was apparently caught short while out on a shopping trip, was captured on CCTV squatting and relieving herself in an elevator.
At the start of the clip, the unidentified woman can be seen entering the lift and pointing at the door as her companion follows her into the small space.
It appears that the woman had already made the decision to urinate there and then as the second the doors close fully she drops to a squat without a second’s hesitation.
The accompanying man seems unfazed and even holds her bag dutifully as she answers the call of nature.
The shocking clip was captured in Hong Kong, at a shopping centre in the Mong Kok district of the city.
It has quickly gone viral in the country, with people trying to identify the mystery woman and her accomplice.
Watch the video below:

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