Shocking Moment Husband Caught Wife Cheating with Another Man and Shot Her Dead in Broad Daylight (Photo+Video)

In this shocking incident, a man has allegedly shot dead his wife in public after catching her cheating with another man.

The moment the man took a gun from his car and shot the woman
In this unbelievable scene, a man shot his wife dead after catching her with the lover. The incident took place in broad daylight as people went about their normal business. The incident happened in Mexico.
In the clip, the man is seen parking his car and then coming out to confront his wife and the lover. The wife’s lover fights him, pushing the man to the ground. In retaliation, the man runs to his car and brings out a double-barrel gun before pointing up to shoot the man. But, it turned out that the wife was hit.
Although some have said the wife might have fainted out of fear,  it is still unclear if she was hit or just fainted.
See the video below:

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