Shocking! German Students Receive Lap Dance From Stripper at their Graduation Party (Photos+Video)

A new video has sparked outrage after a school allowed students to invite a stripper to their graduation party and she was caught doing a strip dance on one of the male student.

The stripper dancing almost naked with one of the male student
German teachers allowed pupils to get lap dances from stripper at graduation party – after they were told she was there to talk about equal rights.
Footage shows stripper climbing onto the lap of a secondary school student. Pupils at Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich hired her for end of school party. They told teachers she was coming to give a lecture about equal rights.
The stripper identified as Jarly, 33, has now set up a YouTube channel offering sex advice.
Footage shows a blonde stripper climbing on to the lap of a secondary school student while he was sitting on a chair at the Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich, Germany.
Video showed Jarly climbing almost n*ked onto one student’s lap and pushing his face between her breasts – and then wrapping herself in a blue towel to remove her underwear.
German students are traditionally allowed to organise parties to celebrate their graduation from school. But after the striptease was videoed through a window, the footage and clips from the ‘lecture’ quickly became a hit online.
Teachers decided to allow the woman to finish the show because all of the pupils were technically adults and there were no minors in the room.
Watch video below:

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