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Shocking! Female Police Officer Raped by Her Colleague Because She Turned Down His Advances

For turning down her colleague’s advances, a female police officer was given what is perhaps the biggest shock of her life after he forced himself on her.

The female police officer who was stationed at Ross Camp in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was allegedly raped by a collegue after she turned down his love proposal.
The court heard that when the woman saw that she was about to be raped, she tearfully begged her victim to wear a condom which he did and raped her once.
The culprit, Dennis Mandidzvidza allegedly met his victim on April 25 at around 9AM at the station’s clinic and after asking what she was doing there, found out the woman was seeking medical attention.
He then allegedly asked for her contacts details so he could visit her. He later did visit the woman at her house.
Mandizvidza contacted the woman and visited her home claiming he wanted to do some business with her.  He went to her house and found the woman waiting for him at the gate and they chatted for about 30 minutes.
Again on April 26 at around 10PM, Mandizvidza approached the woman in her home and she opened her door and the two sat and watched television.
“He sat on the sofa which is in the woman’s bedroom and she sat on the bed. Mandizvidza then proposed love and the woman turned him down,” said the prosecutor.

“The woman then asked Mandizvidza to leave her house as she was tired and ready to retire to bed.

“He refused to leave the house saying it was too late for him to find transport back to his home.”
Mandizvidza then undressed and tried joining the woman who was already on the bed.
The woman jumped off the bed and took one blanket intending to sleep on the sofa. Mandizvidza then moved to the edge of the sofa and started fondling the woman’s breasts.”
Mukura said Mandizvidza started rubbing his p*nis on the woman’s thigh. She protested but he then became very aggresisve. That was when the woman begged him to wear a condom which he did and raped her once.
“On the following day, the woman told her friend about the incident and they made a police report,” the prosecutor said.
Mandizvidza, who is facing a rape charge, will appear before senior regional magistrate Tranos Utahwashe on May 18 for commencement of trial.

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