See the Shocking Way a Robber was Beaten and Humiliated in Public (Photo+Video)


Two teenagers who robbed a taxi driver and took away his car has met a humiliating end after the cab man called his fellow cab drivers and caught up with the criminals.

One of the teenage thieves after he was caught
A teenage robber has been beaten to a pulp and humiliated in public as he cries out in pain.
The video filmed in Peru shows the moment the youngster was brutalized. The 18-year-old from Chile was said to have spent the evening at a nightclub with his 18-year-old friend in the city of Tacna in the south of the country.
According to Dailystar, after spending all their money clubbing, they used a gun to rob a taxi driver and then steal his car.
However, luck fell out on the robbers after the taxi driver identified as Frank Maquera immediately told his fellow cabbies who then drove around the area looking for the pair.
One of the drivers later spotted the stolen vehicle and started to chase it, causing a crash and both of the teenagers made a run for it.
The video was then filmed after the taxi driver mob managed to catch one of them.
His ordeal only comes to an end when cops arrive to handcuff him.
Both of the alleged teen robbers were arrested and were detained pending an ongoing investigation.
Watch video below:

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