Public Embarrassment! See What a Desperate Man Did in Public as His Girlfriend Tried to Dump Him (Video)

A man has publicly embarrassed himself after he lay on a busy road clinging to the girlfriend’s legs begging her not to dump him.

The boyfriend lying on the floor in public begging the girlfriend
A man has been left publicly shamed after he was caught on camera desperately clinging to his girlfriend’s leg after she told him she was leaving him.
The footage has gone viral online. The sad part is that after all his public begging, the lady left him in total shame. He was even slapped and kicked by the woman.
The short clip, shot in the streets of Huai’an City, in East China’s Jiangsu Province, show the scenes unfolding in a popular shopping district.
Many watched the drama unfold in a busy street while shaking their heads.
As the girl, who was undoubtedly looking for a quick end to events, could be heard saying “let me go” a number of times, the boyfriend clung onto her legs with such force that he ended up pulling down her black stockings and pulling off her shoes.
He begged: “Please don’t leave me“, but his determined girlfriend shouted: “Let me go. This is so embarrassing.”
She later adds: “We can’t be together anymore – it’s impossible.”
Watch video below:

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