Pretty Lady Bribes Policeman by Flashing Her N*ked Bum and Offering Him Money to Evade Arrest (Photos+Video)

A pretty woman tried to bribe police man by showing her n*ked bum and offering him money to evade arrest after she rammed into many cars.

Aguirre tries to bribe the police officer
A young Mexican woman has become internet sensation after she rammed into several cars before flashing her n*ked bum and attempting to bribe a police officer.
Footage has been released of the drunk woman, named as Lorena Daniela Aguirre, after she was pulled over by police for ploughing into a row of cars.
Lorena Daniela Aguirre flashing her naked bum
The 18-year-old was less than impressed when she was stopped, and quickly offered up a 100 peso (£4) bribe to the officer. The note was refused but the girl tried again, and again – and again.
She flashed her bum as she was being dragged by the police officer. The lady was totally drunk during the incident.
Watch video below:

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