Omg! Popular Pastor Ties Little Girl to His Back in Church While Performing Miracle During Service (Photo)

A popular pastor has recently stunned his members when during a church service, he got a little girl strapped to his back as he performed miracles.

Pastor Addison Adamu is the Founder and Lead Pastor at Freedom House Church International, Atlanta, Georgia.
The pastor reportedly used to be a Muslim before he got converted to Christianity at the age of 16.
Recently photos emerged showing him with a little girl tied on his back while he preached and performed miracles during a conference this May at his church.
The pastor shared the photos on his Facebook page and captioned it;
“Having awesome time during Ephphatha conference: babysitting, preaching and healing the sick at the same time. what an awesome time to love on little kids Jesus so love dearly.”
See more pics below:

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