Omg! Mysterious ‘Black Eyed Ghosts’ Caught on Camera Stalking a Couple Inside Graveyard (Photos)

A couple were shocked out of their skins when they discovered they had probably been stalked without knowing it when they visited the cemetery.

Kev and Liz Laine believe the first picture shows something coming from the side
The spooked-out couple, Kev and Liz Laine, were terrified to discover they were stalked by a horde of black-eyed ghosts as they went on an early morning walk through a graveyard.
But they only realised the spooks were there when they looked at the photographs they had snapped while they were out.
Mirror Online reports that Kev and Liz Laine were walking through their local cemetery in Cowden, Kent, when they were followed by the spirits and they snapped these images to prove it.
The throng of ghostly apparitions appeared behind the duo just before 5am when they were listening the the dawn chorus.
But the married couple only discovered them when they got home and checked their camera – which appeared to show an Edwardian-era woman and boy, as well as other spooky faces – all with black eyes.
The third picture was taken seconds after and it’s all gone apart from an orb in the top left corner
The photos appear to show some sort of fog move into view across three pictures which were taken only seconds after each other, and the couple said no fog was visible with the naked eye.
Liz, 54, and husband Kev were completely unharmed by their visitors from beyond the grave – because they only spotted the ‘spectres’ when they got home.
Kev, 57, said: “At the time nothing seemed out of place, but when we looked at the pictures after we got home and uploaded them this is what we saw.
“When we took the pics there was no mist, fog or smoke. In the first picture, something is coming into shot on the right as well as the left.

“In the second one this mist envelops the picture and in the middle of the mist appears to be an Edwardian lady with a baby and next to her appears to be a Victorian boy.
“The third picture was taken seconds after and it’s all gone apart from an orb in the top left corner.”
The mist appears to show an Edwardian lady with a baby – and next to her a Victorian boy
In the final picture, it appears as though the ghostly presence has disappeared almost as quickly as it came on.
The pictures were taken in the graveyard of the St Mary Magdalene church in Cowden.
The church itself isn’t renowned for phantom sightings, although the village of Pluckley, just 30 miles away, was named as the most haunted place in Britain, and even received a Guinness World Record in 1989.
The village has more than 15 recorded ghosts and visitors have reported hearing a ghostly horse drawn coach, seeing black silhouettes and hearing screams.

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