Oge Okoye and Ini Edo End Their Four Years Fight


Estranged best friends Oge Okoye and Ini Edo are back together and this time around,their friendship seems to be sealed with a very strong bond.

If you talk about movie stars who are always together,then this clique of stars Ini Edo,Oge Okoye, Ebube Nwagbo and Rukky Sanda readily comes to mind. Infact they seem to be the hottest clique of friends in the movie industry. They are always everywhere together, sometimes even outside the state.

However, this was not the case for award winning stars Oge Okoye and Ini Edo in recent past, as they were more like cat and dog. But these pretty movie stars who were once at war have not only sheath their swords but they have become very close again and now step out together to various events.

Their rift dated back to 2008,precisely after Ini Edo got married to her ex husband Philip Ehiagwina in the United states. They were so close back then that Oge was the only actress who flew to the states to attend Ini’s white wedding.But after the wedding,reports sufficed online that the two best friends parted ways.

Hints Weekly reported that the two who used to be best of friends were fighting the battles of their lives, unknown to many people. It further revealed that the problem was beyond re conciliatory attempts by mutual friends of the two to resolve the matter. The feud allegedly started a few years back when Ini accused Oge Okoye of being behind some of her private issues which found its way into the press.



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