Nollywood Star, Nonso Diobi in Trouble Over N150m Instagram Scam

Handsome Nollywood star, Nonso Diobi is fighting a great war on the internet over a N150 million Instagram scam.

Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi
Nollywood Actor, Nonso Diobi, has cried out after an Instagram account in his name nearly scammed people N150m for ransom. The Instagram handle @nonsodiobi1 had sent a message asking for 150 million naira to help rescue the actor’s sister and baby nephew.
The fake Instagram account shared this: “My sister and my baby nephew was kidnapped last night. They contacted me first and I contacted her husband. I have been given till Sunday to give them N150million or I lose them.

“I have been told not to involve the police or anything that looks like police and the weird thing is that these guys know my movement like I am being watched or something.

“Now I am confused. I don’t know if I should secretly involve the police or just raise the money and give them.

“How I wish I am worth that amount right now; I wouldn’t mind closing down my account just to save them.

“I can still hear the sound of their tears on the phone begging me to save them and this is no movie. I don’t even want to tell my mum about it because I can’t imagine her reaction.

“Maybe the kidnappers kidnapped me first instead of her husband, thinking that I am rich.

“I actually tried negotiating with them to bring it down to at least 50m but these guys are really desperate and bent on causing havoc if their demand isn’t met.

“Please if you have any suggestions, advise me before Sunday, my DM is open to all, you guys shouldn’t leave me now…”
In a brutal reply, the nollywood actor while denying the account and message used his true Instagram ID to call on fans never to fall prey to such internet scam.
He wrote: “Hi everyone, pls note: nonsodiobiofficial, nonsodiobi1, realnonsodiobi, nonsodiobiworld or any other form of my name on instagram, twitter or facebook are all fake and fraudulent accounts. No matter how authentic they look, disregard their posts and report. I’ve never used more than one acct on any social media. Thanks

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