How Woman Ended Up Getting Pregnant in Jail After Being Sent to Prison for Murder (Photo)

A woman who was sent to face punishment for murder, ended up getting pregnant while within the facility after getting intimate with another inmate.

Margaret Henderson
Margaret Henderson, the woman accused of murdering a pensioner has become pregnant in jail while awaiting trial.
According to Mirror Online, Henderson, who is in custody, has reported having relations with another prisoner. The pregnancy has been confirmed and the 29-year-old is receiving the appropriate medical care at the women’s jail at the youth prison, Hydebank Wood College, Belfast.
A second prisoner, who was released in February, is claiming she also got pregnant inside Hydebank Wood towards the end of her sentence.
A source said: “This former inmate is apparently planning to sue the prison service after getting pregnant while in their care.”
A spokesman for the Prison Service said: “We have received no information on this.”
Henderson, who was homeless before she was taken into custody, told the prison authorities she got pregnant after having relations with a male prisoner trustee in Hydebank Wood.
A source told Belfast Live: “She is doing OK but of course it’s not ideal. Prisoner Henderson is awaiting trial for the alleged murder of Eddie Girvan in January and there has been no date set yet for her trial.
“She struck up a friendship with a young and trusted prisoner. Male and female prisoners have been allowed to spend time together unsupervised and this is the result in this case.
“Prisoner Henderson has made a report to the authorities and she has had a medical check and she has been given advice on how to deal with the pregnancy.”
Henderson is accused of allegedly killing 67-year-old Eddie Girvan, a retired plumber from Co Antrim . His body was discovered by police officers making a routine call at his home on January 18.

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