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How Three Young Men Forced Underage Girls to Perform Oral S*x on Them in a Guest House (Video)

Some youths have been nabbed by the police after their criminal act of luring and sexually abusing some underage girls in a guest house by the aid of an accomplice, a young lady was exposed by one of the victims.

The culprits being paraded by the police
Three people presumably in Ghana or Nigeria are currently being charged for a grave crime of child pornography over an illicit act perpetrated at a guest house.
The lady among them named Sefako Ayeke collaborated with three other male youths namely Ebenezer Asiedu, 22, Aku Dozie, 18 and another person currently at large to sexually harrass two minors as young as 8 and 10 years old .
According to reports, Ayeke who was close to the kids due to the little goodies she regularly bought for them exploited that loophole to lure them into the guest house where they successfully sucked the manhoods of their oppressors.
Aleke went further to threaten them with death to conceal the criminal act from leaking to the general public. The 8-year old girl later confided in her mother with a complete narration of her ordeal. The other victim also admitted on confrontation and the police was alerted.
The culprits were later arrest excluding one of them and they have been charged to court accordingly.
See their faces in the video below:

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