Hilarious! Watch as Davido Completely Displays His Aggressive Side as He Gets Pranked on MTV (Video)

Pop Star, Davido, completely lost it when he got pranked on MTV recently and showed off an aggressive side many are yet to see.

A new season of popular Friday night comedy programme “The Bigger Friday Show” made its debut on Friday, April 29, 2016.
In the very first episode, Davido was featured where he was pranked with the help of fellow HKN artiste, B-Red.
In the video, a group of men arrived Davido’s house to demand a refund of the money they paid into his account for a show.
According to the strangers, Davido failed to show up after he got paid.
Reacting to the allegations, an angry Davido came down to meet the men, with the singer yelling at the top of his voice “don’t ever tell me to come down in my house again!!! You come to my house and ask me to come down???”
Davido could be seen trying to hit the actors, and threw a bottle at them. Even when the actors left the compound he followed them outside, yelling and shouting.
He was so aggressive and this made them quickly round up the Prank before Davido really became violent and beat up somebody.
At the end, a cool Davido said, “They’re lucky it was a prank men”. 

Watch Video below:

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