Desperate Woman Gives Birth Outside Hospital’s Main Entrance After Being Ignored by Staff (Photo+Video)

A heavily pregnant woman who stormed a hospital to give birth ended up having her baby at the door after being left to herself.

A video shows the astonishing moment a woman was forced to give birth at the main entrance of a hospital after she was reportedly ignored by staff for over 20 minutes.
The baby’s first cries can be heard in the video as the child is delivered at the hospital doors in Mixquiahuala, central Mexico.
According to Mirror Online, the woman arrived at the hospital and informed staff that she was about to give birth.
However staff did not attend to her and she realised she would have to lie down and give birth without the assistance of medical professionals.
After the woman gave birth, nurses rushed towards her upon hearing the baby cry.
She was then admitted to the hospital.
It is understood that both the woman and child are in a stable condition.
Watch the video below:

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