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Biafra Remembrance Rally in Onitsha Turns Bloody as Soldiers Allegedly Kill 8 People (Graphic Photos)

According to new reports, some advocates of the Independent People of Biafra had a fatal clash with security operatives leading to the death of a few south-easterners.

Reports have emerged of a military shooting of unarmed protesters at a church in Onitsha as a signal from the Nigerian military obtained by Saharareporters claims that Nigerian security agents are battling with pro-Biafra agitators in part of Anambra state, especially Onitsha.

The signal which was sent to several unit commanders in the Southeastern parts of Nigeria early this morning asked the unit commanders to be on “standby’ in case of a breakdown of law and order as pro-Biafra agitators embark on street protests today in the Southeast.

It has been reported that the army deposited 8 bodies in their barracks according to social media sources while some reported that 20 people have been killed.

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