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Terrible! 4-year-old Nigerian Girl Brutally R*ped by Class Teacher Narrates Her Ordeal

Ayele Esther, mother of a 4-year old school girl has cried out bitterly about an alleged pedophile school teacher who has been in the act of sexually abusing the victim thereby causing her vaginal injuries.

One Alias Onweke, a school teacher of an unnamed nursery school is currently standing trial in court over his incessant acts of sexually abusing an underage girl and threatening her against revealing any information concerning the r*pe to her parents.
The mother, Ayele Esther wept when she narrated the massive injuries and health complications caused by the sexual abuse allegedly perpetrated by the teacher who bribed her with sweets at regular occasions.
Counsel to the 4-year old victim, Ogwu Onoja has spoken on the support of the general public to curb the menace of pedophilia in the Nigerian society which is endangering the well-being of female folks.
See a heartbreaking video of the 4-year old girl who gave an account of her bitter ordeal:

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