Shocking Photos of How a Transgender Student Successfully Trasitioned from a Woman to a Man

A Korean athlete who was born a woman but has since removed her boobs and successfully transitioning into a man, is talking about his experience and also shared photos of procedures he goes through in his journey.

Brave change: Shuyler Bailar, pictured left before he started transitioning
20-year-old Shuyler Bailar of Virginia, a student of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and even a broken back, and finally transitioned from a woman to a man, appeared on Ellen DeGeneres show this week to talk about his experience.
The 5-foot-8, 170 pound athlete who suceeded at swimming and set a national relay record with future Olympic swimming champion, Katie Ledecky, said in an interview;
Before and after photos

‘I was a very lost kid who didn’t understand why I spent my entire childhood being a boy but not really, one who focused intently on studies and swimming to distract from anything that came up in my mind. I was caught between two worlds,’ said Bailar who attended the private Georgetown Day School in the Virginia district where he grew up.
Bailar began transitioning in 2014 after graduating from high school. Her breasts were removed and now what is left are scars across his chest.
She announced the transition on his Instagram last September. ‘I’ve just started my transition #ftm [female to male]. I’m 18 and it’s been quite the ride but I decided I’d try to grab some support from the insta community,’ he wrote.
Bailar had a message for other transgender athletes who are struggling with their identities. ‘Come out. Be visible. Don’t be miserable. The world is changing and you do have options.’
See more photos below;
When he recently appeared on Ellen show

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