President Buhari meets with Obasanjo

– Obasanjo and Buhari has met behind closed doors – While the details of the meeting are still sketchy some Nigerians suppose that two politicians discuss the major challenges Nigeria is currently facing – Ex-president Obasanjo denies signing Budget without details President Muhammadu Buhari has received former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in the Aso Rock presidential villa on April 7, Thursday. Ex-president is a frequent visitor to Aso Rock since Buhari became the president.
Former president arrived in the Statehouse at 12:13pm in a tinted black Toyota jeep marked Abj 425 PY. Upon landing from the car, he exchanged pleasantries with journalists who cracked joke with him on his “dancing steps” last week at Ebonyi state during the burial of the late mother of Ebonyi state governor. The reporters said that “your dancing steps last week were great”, Obasanjo replied “so you don’t want me to dance”, as he beamed smiles and entered inside the building. He has visited the incumbent president four times since the inauguration on May 29, 2015. The first visit was on August 8 and next on September 8 and November 10.
The two politicians did not get along very well when Obasanjo was the president. Buhari lost to Obasanjo in the 2003 presidential poll and lost again to president Umaru Yaradua who was endorsed by Obasanjo four years later. Those two elections were marred by irregularities.
Meanwhile, the relationship between two Nigerian leaders has become more cordial in recent times ever since Obasanjo endorsed Buhari in the buildup to the March 2015 election. While the details of the today’s closed door meeting are currently unknown below are two things the duo may have discussed. 1. Fuel crisis as it is currently the most pressing issue in Nigeria. Two politicians are bound to discuss it. 2. Many Nigerian politicians are currently holding their breathe and waiting to see if their name leaked in Panama Papers. Former president dismissed claim that he signed budgets into law without sighting the details under his term. He replied the question with: “Eh en? I signed budget without details? Anybody who told you that, go and ask him again.”
“Before I will be able to tell you something about the budget, I have to read it and know what it contains and know what to talk about.” As to the postponement in signing the bill, he said the constitution permits the executive to continue with the budget up to the middle of the year. Meanwhile, Obasanjo denied speaking on corruption war, saying: “Eh en?” When he was asked to speak particularly on the travail of the Senate president, Bukola Saraki, ex-president said: “Eh en? What is wrong with him?” “You know that not too long ago, I was out there. I have come to share some of my experiences with him,” Obasanjo added on his purpose of visiting Buhari. “Ha! Ha! If I say I shared experiences with my wife, you will ask me wetin I talk with my wife?”

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