Money Talks! Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Newly Acquired $6.5m Bugatti Super Cars (Photos+Video)

Floyd Mayweather is really living the dream life as the undefeated champion has added two new supercars to his collection worth a whopping $6.5 million.

Unbeaten welterweight Champion, Floyd Mayweather
Boxing champion and one of the richest sportsmen ever, Floyd Mayweather has added two more supercars costing a whopping $6.5m.
He showed off his newly acquired cars on Instagram while quoting the price of the two cars.
Mayweather added these supercars worth $6.5m to his collection
The unbeaten welterweight is not new to lavish lifestyle as he takes to Instagram on a daily basis to show off his amazing assets, money and expensive lifestyle.

Checkout Floyd Mayweather’s impressive car collection
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – Cost: £200,000, Top speed: 208mph
Porsche 911 Turbo S – Cost: £150,000, Top speed: 198mph
Lamborghini Aventador – Cost: £300,000, Top speed: 217mph
Ferrari 458 Spider – Cost: £200,000, Top speed: 202mph
Ferrari 458 Spider – Cost: £200,000, Top speed: 202mph
Bugatti Grand Sport – Cost: £2m, Top speed: 254mph
Bugatti Veyron – Cost: £1.5m, Top speed: 267mph
Bugatti Veyron – Cost: £1.5m, Top speed: 267mph

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