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Miracle! See How a Pilot Cheated Death After His Plane Crashed into a Tree and Burst Into Flames (Video)

A pilot has completely cheated death after his plane crashed into some trees and went up in flames without killing him.

This is the amazing moment a plane crashed into a tree and burst into flames before the pilot rolled out alive.
The six-seater Cessna 421 Twin Engine immediately combusted when it smashed into an enormous oak in Foley, Alabama.
The twisted wreckage was tangled in the branches of the tree as the flames spread and smoke billowed with the alone pilot trapped inside.
Aubrey Morris, who owns a shop a feet away, heard a loud bang and rushed outside to see what had happened.
‘I heard a big boom, I looked out I thought a tornado hit. And then I’ve seen a plane in a tree,’ he told News 5.
As the flames from the mangled wreck set the surrounding foliage alight,  Mr Morris thought there was no way the pilot could still be alive.
But then he saw movement in the cockpit and he, along with other witnesses, rushed over to help.
Remarkably, pilot Russell Smith, who has been flying without incident for more than 50 years, tumbled out of the flaming wreckage with only minor injuries to one hand and a splitting headache.
Shocked by-standers then pulled him to safety, and the whole incident was caught on Mr Morris’ CCTV.
‘My seat was on fire and I thought I only had a few seconds so I actually did a back somersault out of the cockpit door,’ Mr Smith told News 5.
‘It happened so quick, I didn’t have time to think,’ he added, before admitting that he believed he was going to die.
Looking at his slightly cut hand he said he wasn’t going to hospital but was going home to lie down: ‘Thank God I walked away from that mess,’ he said.

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