Lady Reveals All Her Boyfriends Die After Breaking Up With Her – Shares Photo Proof



A Twitter user, @blaqrionna, has shared jaw dropping tweets about how all her boyfriends die after breaking up with her.

In a series of tweets, Tonifenty (@blaqrionna) explained with pictures how four boyfriends of hers died suddenly after breaking up with her.

She explained that her boyfriend died in 2012..after he broke up with her. Her second man also died in 2014 after he broke up with her. She didn’t stop there, she went on to explain how her third boyfriend died after they broke up…the last one that got the Twitter world alarmed was Tonifentyy’s last ex, he allegedly died 9 days ago…according to her! See the tweets below:1 (8)

2 (7)

3 (7)

4 (6)

The guys in question went by the twitter handles: @Flyhenderson, @igb_von and @wait4_dabuss, the last boyfriend didn’t have a handle.

A quick check showed that indeed @Flyhenderson’s last tweet was in 2012, @igb_von’s was in February 2013, and there were various tweets on @wait4_dabuss’ account stating Rest in Peace and other condolence messages.

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