Jay Z Rapper jealous of Beyonce owning her own record label?

New reports claim Beyonce is ready to launch her own record label to rival her husband’s Roc Nation and Jay Z is not cool with the idea.

Beyonce play Beyonce


Radar Online reports that Beyonce founded Parkwood Entertainment in 2008, the same her she tied the knot with Jay Z but she put her own projects on hold as the two started a family. Now, she’s ready to get back to her pet project!

“She really wants to turn Parkwood into an empire now,” a source told Radar.

Beyonce and Sophie Beem play Beyonce and Sophie Beem


The site further reports that Queen Bey signed multiple artists with million-dollar contracts late last year when things began to turn soar for the music royal couple.  Just last week, she organized a huge LA concert for her protégé, Sophie Beem.

play Jay Z, Beyonce leaving Sophie Beem’s concert in L.A (Celebfresh)

Sources say Jay Z attended the event which held at Hollywood’s Fonda theater, but he didn’t look happy.

“There is a lot of jealousy right now between Beyonce and Jay Z because her career is at a super high point and, unfortunately, Jay Z has been relatively stagnant in his own career in comparison,” the source said.

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