‘ISIS recruiter’ arrested in Majorca is Moroccan

A Moroccan man arrested in Majorca accused of recruiting fighters for ISIS and promoting terror attacks in Europe, has been identified as a chef and alleged cocaine dealer.

Mohamed Harrak, 26, had been working as a chef at a hotel in the tourist resort of Santa Ponsa on Majorca, while allegedly also being involved in selling drugs.

Armed police led Moroccan immigrant Harrak away from the home he shared with his family in a rundown neighbourhood of the capital Palma after a dawn raid on Tuesday.

Interior Ministry officials described him afterwards as a ‘threat to national security’ in a statement, although they didn’t name him.

They also accused the suspect of recruiting jihadists to fight for ISIS in Iraq and Syria and attempting to facilitate the commission of terror attacks in Spain and other European countries with the approval of ISIS leaders he maintained ‘close links’ to.

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