Has Davido lobbied Coke for endorsement?

It is no longer news that top rated singer Davido has added Pepsi endorsement to his expanding portfolio of corporate endorsements. Both the singer and Pepsi made much noise about it a couple of days ago. In his characteristic manner, the Aye crooner couldn’t just keep it together as he allegedly screamed on Snapchat “F**k Coke when you have Pepsi”. Known for his untoward outbursts, Davido didn’t surprise anyone, but if there was ever a hint as good as any, the singer’s show of emotion might have been a frustration of sort over inability to clinch a deal with Coke. It is an open secret that artistes directly and indirectly lobby corporate bodies for endorsement deals. It is through these deals they can actually have a reassured money in the bank, aside the shows and events. CD sales are definitely out as a result of piracy.

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